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Revolutionizing Document AuthenticationcatfishID

catfishID is revolutionizing Automated Forensic Document Authentication (AFDA) product which inspects more than 2750+ government issued IDs worldwide.
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The Next Generation of Identity VerificationcatfishAIR

catfishAIR verifies Identity on anyone, from anywhere using our Automated Forensic Document Authentication (AFDA) technology combined with fast and accurate Facial Recognition.
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Validate Alphanumeric ID Numbers validID

validID helps organisations to instantly validate alphanumeric format of any government issued ID number from around the world. Learn More

Why AuthenticID?

The customer’s ID looks legitimate, but is it? Is your customer a known ID fraudster, a fugitive, a member of organized crime, or a sex offender? With our solutions you can:

  • Understand the risk that a customer poses within just three seconds.
  • Eliminate the risk associated with identity theft, as well as dramatically increase revenue.

AuthenticID’s solutions allow your organization to effortlessly authenticate customers with the most accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the time and inconvenience that customers face proving their identity.

According to Gartner

High failure rates and criminal compromises of secret personal data are forcing enterprises to seek alternative identity-proofing solutions. We explore best practices for identity proofing here.

Source: Gartner, Identity Proofing Revisited as Data Confidentiality Dies, Avivah Litan, December 12, 2013.

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How we do it

  • Identity Proofing SOlutions

    AuthenticID’s identity proofing solutions work worldwide to eliminate the greatest security threats to financial institutions - identity theft and fraud.

  • The Most Accurate

    AuthenticID has built identity proofing solutions which is most accurate & realtime – a claim no other company can make. Our identity proofing solutions not only prevent fraud – they annihilate it.

  • Instant ROI

    Our customers have an instant, indispensable security layer that saves time & money by preventing fraud, eliminating risk, automating compliance, improving customer service speed & quality – it’s instant ROI.

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ID Fraud Facts

  • 1Over 12 million cases of identity fraud
    occurred in 2012 in United States
  • 2 1 Victim every 3 Seconds and 59% of all identity
    fraud occurs face-to-face.
  • 3 1 in 4 consumers who received a data breach notice from a company also became a victim of identity theft.
  • 4 The economic impact of Identity Fraud was
    over $220 Billion in 2013

ID Fraud Facts

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