A leading provider of cloud based automated mobile identity authentication services, AuthenticID, has been acquired by ID Metrics. ID Metrics also recently sold its forensic identity document authentication software business while retaining a perpetual license for use in its mobile automated identity vetting software as a service offering.

The transformational acquisition enables AuthenticID and its proprietary CatfishAIR document authentication brand, now powered by ID Metrics underlying proprietary technologies, to provide more value to customers and more effectively compete in a rapidly evolving competitive environment.

“Forging our strong background in imaging and biometrics with this new affiliation with AuthenticID will provide ID Metrics a gateway into the growing mobile enabled identity authentication industry incorporating our retained licensed technologies,” said Dr. R. Bruce Reeves, Founder and CEO of ID Metrics. “By retaining a non-exclusive license to use the identity document forensic software we developed over the past decade and now integrated with the AuthenticID CatfishAIR identity platform will allow us to enter the systems integration business led by our CTO, Rich Huber, and our staff of 20 technologists located in the U.S. and India. In coordination with the acquisition of AuthenticID, we recently introduced our proprietary “smart mobile capture” document authentication solution coupled with facial biometrics. It ties a presenter to the document presented as well as real time identity reference data lookup worldwide,” concluded Dr. Reeves.

“This transaction delivers great value to our customers and creates a company ideally positioned to compete in the rapidly growing real time automated SAAS identity validation services opportunities” said AuthenticID’s Founder and President Blair Cohen. “It also is an endorsement of the proven capabilities of our CatfishAIR branded identity vetting products fueled by ID Metrics’ deep technical roots in the identity authentication software space. We look forward to bringing our experience and knowledge to the new organization,” concluded Cohen.

About AuthenticID
Atlanta-based AuthenticID http://authenticid.co , now a wholly owned affiliate of ID Metrics, specializes in providing identity authentication products designed specifically for both face-to-face and customer not present channels of commerce. AuthenticID provides the most accurate identity authentication software-as-a-service solutions under its proprietary CatfishAIR™ brand of products which detect and stop ID fraud in real-time using their cloud-enabled document authentication solution which validates government-issued ID documents in 192 countries worldwide. The company was founded by Blair Cohen, a leading identity expert and thought leader.

About ID Metrics
Founded in 2001, Manchester, NH-based ID Metrics is a leading provider of revolutionary software that enables automated real time identity document authentication solutions based on its proprietary worldwide forensic document database. Earlier in 2016, the AssureTec branded software business, along with the identity document forensic database, was sold subject to a retained worldwide license to continue to use the cloud transaction based document authentication software. ID Metrics recently acquired AuthenticID and its CatfishAIR family of authentication technologies and now provides industry leading identity validation products incorporating proprietary “smart” mobile capture, multi-factor biometrics and data as well as the retained software-as-a-service document authentication platform.