AuthenticID has expanded its industry leading CatfishAIR™ Identity Platform to now include six (6) stages of identity authentication processing. The capabilities of the CatfishAIR™ Identity Platform has now effectively doubled with the addition of over 30 proprietary and patent-pending algorithms that enhance authentication while also preventing fraudulent identities.

As the industry leader in identity authentication, we are aware of the many identity spoofing techniques and believe that our expanded services and processing capabilities gives us positioning to be an even more trusted identity platform.

While the industry has tried to follow our automated ability to classify and authenticate ID documents as well as match a Selfie image to the ID photo, just relying on those two steps is not enough to prevent the increasing sophistication of fraud attacks.

Further, we realize the every use case has its own special requirements and so have added our CatfishAIR™ Gateway Server to allow for the integration of third-party services to provide the most relevant identity authentication results to each specific use case.

The following highlights each of the CatfishAIR™ Identity Platform processing stages:

Stage 1: On-Device

The initial CatfishAIR™ processing stage utilizes on device imaging technology to optimize the ID document and Selfie images that are captured so they can be accurately analyzed and authenticated. The priority of the On-Device stage is to make the user experience for capturing an ID and Selfie image as frictionless as possible, while also optimizing the image quality for assured results.

 Stage 2: Image Integrity & Tamper Evidence

Once the ID image or Selfie image are captured, then a portfolio of imaging algorithms are processed to assure that the quality of the images captured are suitable for authentication processing and that they have not been manipulated or tampered with either digitally or physically in an attempt to spoof identity.

Stage 3: ID Authentication

The ID Authentication stage utilizes the AuthenticID patented processes for automatically processing the following services for government issued ID documents from 192 countries, representing a comprehensive portfolio of Driver’s Licenses, ID Cards, Visas, and Passports:

  • Classification of the documents by their issue type;
  • Forensic analysis of all of the security features of each unique document type;
  • Validation of the expiration date and data format for the expiration date; and
  • Extraction of all identity data from the ID document including the ID photo.

Stage 4: Selfie Match & Liveness

The CatfishAIR™ Selfie Match & Liveness processing stage utilizes advanced facial recognition processing that is able to process multiple Selfie images for enhanced authentication as well as fused Liveness analysis that integrates active, passive, and risk vector algorithms to detect and assure liveness and prevent known spoof attacks.

Stage 5: Risk Vector Analysis

The CatfishAIR™ Risk Vector Analysis processing stage is one of the newest stages to the CatfishAIR™ identity Platform that consists of over 20 algorithms that analyze EXIF data collected from the ID and Selfie images to screen for fraudulent transactions and mitigate the risk associated with spoofed identities.

 Stage 6: Integration Partner Data Analysis

The CatfishAIR™ Identity Platform has now been significantly expanded with the addition of the CatfishAIR™ Gateway Server that allows the integration of both the CatfishAIR™ Core Services – as represented by the processing Stages 1-5 above – with any third-party data service to enhance the authentication results. Examples of such integration partners include data services that provide pre-credit scoring, device authentication and scoring, mailing address validation, and identity data validation.

Additionally, the CatfishAIR™ Gateway Service is integrated with the Identity Decisioning Engine (IDE) that provides real-time identity decisioning that allows for the segmenting of each processed identity so that various levels of privileged access (think Basic, Premier, VIP) can be defined for each use case application workflow.

Think about the impact of knowing how best to segment customers based upon validated levels of trust.

Finally, the entire CatfishAIR™ Identity Platform processes in a lightning fast 20 seconds. This is accomplished by lots of parallel processing of the six (6) processing stages outlined above – optimized to achieve as much value in the same 20 second time frame.

We believe our multiple stages of identity authentication, ability to integrate with our third-party data services, and our lightning fast parallel processing approach provides the “Gateway for the Future of identity” and the framework for extended identity management services.