Let’s face it, the dark mysterious waters of the Dark Web and cybercrime are emerging as growing threats that make us all a bit uncomfortable.

What if with certainty, you knew the people you were interacting with socially, to purchase things, or to rely on for reviews or news were real people and not imposters or people with intent to do you harm or mislead you?

Would this be important to you?

Does controlling what people know about you matter to you? If you are purchasing something that for instance has an age requirement, would you rather just confirm your age and not have to reveal other personal details about who you are?

What about managing your money. Is it worth the extra step to be able to confirm certain payments (maybe just the big ones over a certain limit you choose) with a secure biometric request to protect your bank account?

We think in today’s world people need more control of their identity and their transactions that involve their identity for safety and peace of mind.

But we would love your opinion regarding the importance and value of different services that can be linked to your authenticated identity.

Some of the interesting extensions and applications of our Smart Identity framework that are already being developed include:

  1. Various secure payment apps for credit cards, payment services, and cryptocurrency.
  2. Apps to support identity management and compliance for clinical trials.
  3. Various social meetup apps that are looking for more authenticity and safety that identity authentication provides.
  4. Various safety applications related to the sharing economy.
  5. Compliance applications related to regulated industries such as gaming and cannabis.
  6. Various secure communication apps.
  7. Various apps for peer to peer transactions and services (like Craigslist).

It would be awesome if you took a moment to complete the anonymous survey (link below) to indicate how important you think various identity-related services are. That will really help us to encourage our developer community to bring these things to life.

Click here to take our survey and let us know what is important to you.

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