Win in the battle against fraud. Build better customer relationships with
intuitive sign-up verification and ongoing authentication processes.

Establish and Increase Trust

Reduce the fear of fraud with more accurate identity decisioning using cutting-edge ID verification and authentication processes.

Offer Better Customer Experiences

Seamless onboarding and transaction experiences create loyal and happy customers.

Get Started Quickly

Instantly verify customers by validating their identity right on the spot, in seconds, with the correct information from thousands of government-issued ID’s.

How well do you know your 

Gone are the days when we all simply accept a customer’s identity at face value.

Fraud is now lurking around every corner, threatening to steal your business and forcing your customer to proceed with caution. Both online and in-person customer experiences now require a more intricate approach resulting in processes that can burden and annoy. Developing airtight identity protection without sacrificing user experience is a fine balance that you and your customers both deserve.

Better Customer Relations With Established Trust

You can have it both ways

Your customers are looking for a frictionless experience that keeps their information secure. Losing them during the initial engagement process because of time consuming, complicated ID verification could result in millions of lost revenue.


You can give your customer the confidence they are looking for and the buying experience they are expecting with AuthenticID’s verification technology and services.

Validate Customers Quickly 
Without Losing A Sale Again.

We know how important it is to verify customers who are interacting with you on a daily basis. Your business depends on it. Identity verification helps you deliver better products and services while protecting yourself and your customers. With AuthenticID you’re not merely buying an identity SaaS service, you are gaining a partner who will help you win the war on fraud with ever-improving authentication processes that adapt to your business.

Our Frictionless User Experience


Use Any Device

With just a mobile device,
consumers can quickly and
safely share a government
issued ID and a selfie.


Verify In Seconds

Our advanced machine learning
SaaS platform immediately
determines if they
are who they say they are.


Onboard With Confidence

New customer sign-ups are
quicker and fraud is mitigated
making it easier for you to sell

Safer Business Transactions For Everyone


Our software accurately verifies that the Identification submitted is acurate and hasn’t been tampered with and is checked for liveness with the selfie for a nearly 100% accurate decision.


Create a win-win situation for both you and your customers by automatically verifying information in seconds. You’ll build trust, reduce abandonment rates and increase sales.


We use an industry-leading suite of integrated technologies combined with extreme customization to deliver a completely adaptable process.

Don’t Let Fraud Steal Your Business

Fraud is the largest hidden market and the biggest threat to global commerce.

Operating as well funded enterprises, fraudsters are now able to move faster and stealthier than most businesses, accounting for $4.24 trillion global losses a year. And with identity data already compromised by past breaches your business will always be fighting an unfair battle.


It’s time to level the playing field. Build a stronger, safer, more profitable business for you and your customers with AuthenticID.