AuthenticID provides a frictionless and fast user experience for authenticating identity that prevents lost revenue.

Customers expect, and will soon demand that businesses employ more intelligent, and less invasive tools to verify their identity. No one likes to feel that they’ve done something wrong but that’s exactly how customers feel when they are forced to share personal information, and pass what feels like a series of steps designed to catch them in a lie. Beginning a relationship on mutual distrust where the business subjects the customer to a series a hoops and hurdles to overcome, is never a good start.

AuthenticID uses advanced and proprietary imaging, forensic, and biometric technologies to quickly authenticate identities in an automated fashion in less than 20 seconds on any mobile device, from anywhere. This results in a frictionless user experience that results in less customers giving up in frustration to any account opening process, resulting in less lost revenue, while providing protective measures against ID fraud.